Client: IPERAL

Contest addressed to all Private and State Schools based in those towns or province where Iperal stores are present.

Objective: providing concrete support to participant Schools who have the possibility to receive an economic contribute to buy educational material.

Promotional mechanic: during the promotional period consumers who make a purchase with the fidelity card CartAmica in one of the Ipreral stores receive a promotional coupon with a sticker. They have to give this coupon to one of the participant Schools they choose.
Each participant School collects all coupons in a dedicated box that the promoter provided them with. At the end of the contest all participant Schools have to complete the dedicated promotional card with all the stickers collected on the coupons and send this card to the promoter. The promoter defines the ranking of the partcipant Schools based on the number of stickers collected.
Prizes are economic contributes of different value to buy educational material selected from a dedicated catalogue.

Services provided for this initiative:
– legal and administrative service;
– drafting of terms and conditions;
— developing of website;
— managing contacts with participant Schools.

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