Privacy policy

IPM Italia S.r.l. (“IPM”), attaches great importance to its users’ (Users) privacy and warrants and represents that the processing of personal data through the site, (the “Site”) shall be carried out in full compliance with the rights of the data subject, with specific regard to confidentiality, protection of personal identity and the right to protection of personal identity. In this regard IPM has adopted and implemented a Privacy Policy covering everything pertaining to the manner in which the site in question processes users’ personal data. This Privacy Policy constitutes a written statement pursuant to article 13 of the “Code governing the protection of personal data” as per legislative decree number 196/2003 (the “Code”).

The Data Controller

The Data Controller is IPM Italia S.r.l. whose registered office is in Via Larga 6, 20122 Milano and whose headquarters are in Via Premuda 2, 20900 Monza (hereinafter “IPM” or “Data Controller”).

Definition of “personal data”

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “personal data” – as specified in greater detail in article 4 of the Code means “any information relating to a physical person, a legal entity, body or association, identified or identifiable, also indirectly, through reference to any other information, including a personal identification number”;
This Privacy Policy applies to Users’ personal data collected through the Site. In addition, this Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites belonging to third parties, which it is possible to access by means of a link in the site.

Types of data processed and data processing procedures

IPM collects certain personal data freely provided by Users, through specific contact forms in the Site; such personal data includes name, surname, email address, telephone number etc. The only mandatory data amongst all the data requested in the contact forms is distinguished by means of an asterisk.
The Site can be accessed by Users without any need to provide their own personal data.
Users’ personal data may be processed according to hardcopy, computerised or data transfer procedures in order to enable provision of the requested service or in order to provide relevant information, to interact with the Data Controller, to allow IPM to answer requests received, and to freely send periodic commercial and advertising communications regarding the products and services.

Browsing data

During normal use, the electronic systems and software procedures enabling this Site to operate acquire certain personal data; transmission of same is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols.
This is information which is not being collected in order to be associated to specific, identified data subjects, but which by its very nature, by means of processing and associations with data held by third parties, could make it possible to identify the Users.
IP addresses or domain names of computers used by Users connecting to the Site, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation for resources requested, the time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (success, error etc) and other parameters regarding the user’s operating system and the IT environment fall into this category of data.
This data is used solely for purposes of gleaning anonymous statistical information as to use of the Site and in order to check that the Site functions correctly and this data is retained for the minimum period of time required by applicable law.
Data could be used in order to ascertain liability in the event of hypothetical computer offences against the Site.
Furthermore, data may be acquired enabling localisation of Users and account may be taken of this in order to offer information, notifications and services taking this element into consideration.

Data provided freely by Users

IPM also collects personal data included in the contact forms or the goods or services request forms, in addition to data sent to IPM by means of electronic mail. This is primarily information which is required for providing Users with the requested goods or services or contacting Users in order to reply to their request for information.
Specific written statements shall be progressively stated or viewed in the Site pages organised for particular services subject to request.

Purpose of processing personnel data

Data collected and processed is processed and used directly in order to achieve objectives serving to perform activities relating to usage of the services offered via the Site, in full conformity with the principle of probity and pursuant to the provisions of law.

The optional nature of the provision of personal data

Unless specified with regard to browsing data, Users are entitled to choose whether or not to provide their personal data in the contact forms or for requesting the goods or services available on the Site, or otherwise by sending information requests to the Site by means of email.
Failure to provide this data makes it impossible to use the services provided by IPM.

Communication and/or disclosure of personal data

Users’ personal data collected by IPM through the Site shall be accessible to IPM’s internal bodies and employees which have been formally designated, including Data Processing Agents or Data Processors. Furthermore, Users’ personal data may be provided to companies whose services are used by IPM within the framework of outsourcing operations for the provision of services, and to Data Processors and Data Processing Agents for the aforementioned purposes, an updated list of which is available at the Data Controller’s offices.
The data is collected and stored on servers located in Italy.
With the exception of those cases explicitly allowed by law, provided for in this Privacy Policy, personal data shall not be communicated or disclosed without the prior consent of the data subject.

Protecting Personal Data

IPM protects the personal data it processes by adopting the security measures provided for under the Privacy Code. There are measures preventing unauthorised third-party access to personal data and to the Site or unauthorised use of personal data.

Users’ rights with regard to their own personal data

Users providing their personal data in accordance with the provisions of this written statement, enjoy all rights granted to them under the Code.
Specifically, they may contact the above-mentioned Data Controller and/or the Data Processor in order to assert their rights pursuant to article 7 et seq of the Code. Specifically, the data subjects are entitled, at any time, to obtain confirmation of whether or not their personal data is being held and to have knowledge of the contents and origin of such data, checking the accuracy of the data and requesting that it be completed or updated, or corrected pursuant to article 7 of the Code. In accordance with this article, they are entitled to obtain deletion, anonymisation or freezing of data which has been processed in an unlawful manner, and they are entitled, in all cases, providing that legitimate reasons are given, to object to the processing of their data.
Communications must be sent to the Data Controller by sending an email to or a registered letter to IPM Italia Italia s.r.l. – Via Premuda 2, 20900 Monza, (MB) Italy.

Amendments to the written statement

IPM may make amendments to the written statement in order to incorporate changes to national and/or European Union law or otherwise in order to adapt to the supervening technological innovations. Any amendments shall be set out on this webpage which shall always be viewable by means of the hypertext link situated in the Site’s homepage. Users should read the written statement from time to time in order to check whether IPM has made amendments.
You are asked to view the following Privacy Policy and to carefully check it periodically in order to check any updates or revisions which have become necessary.